Desktop Search for Mac

Most of the good Desktop Search for PC are not available on Mac OS X! Why? I ran the question to the main players and they all responded, not for now….

The Mac user base is increasing but there are still very limited desktop search solutions. I did some research and the most popular one was Launchy. However, it is not by definiation a desktop search. They consider themselves as a keystroke launcher where you can launch your documents, project files, folders and bookmarks using predefined keystrokes. Since it indexes the file names, you can type a keyword and it will give you all the documents that have that keyword inside the file name.

However, it does not index the content which is a major drawback. What is the point of having a search engine installed if you can’t search inside documents?

Another alternative is Alfred but again it is a quick launch application for Mac OS X. A nice feature for Alfred is that it learns from the apps you use most and priorities them when you search. Again, it only makes you increase your productivity instead of just searching inside your files.

When are we going to see a major player such as Copernic or X1 move to OSX. Your guess is as good as mine.