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Desktop Search Trend

Last week, I was talking with some colleagues about how they organize their files & emails to be the most effective. Everybody had their small tricks to stay organized on their PC. However, like most of us, our company architecture would like us to have all our documents on network drives in case “something” happens.

Before having a centralized environment, we could stay organized in our little environments. Now, we need to follow a corporate structures and our document architecture is influenced by many users.

It is a lot more harder to keep an organized document structure with so many users acting on those files saved on network drives.

There is two alternatives:

  1. Use a small desktop search which allows you to search network drives which cost around 50$ per license if we look at the various alternatives in the market such as Copernic Desktop Search or X1. There are a few free alternatives but most of them you can’t use in a commercial environment.
  2. Use an enterprise search engines which needs to be purchased by the IT department which means a very long implementation.

What alternative is used in your organization?