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Review #1: X1 Search 8

X1 Desktop has been in the Desktop Search market for many years but it focuses more on the big enterprises with the integration for Citrix environments. With X1 taking the Virtual Edition route, it leaves the typical Desktop Search product to become a server search engine.

X1 offers the same interface as before with the ability to use filters on search results (it clutters the interface a little bit), a real-time indexing and the ability to preview your documents without opening the native application.

With version 8, X1 has removed some capability we saw in the past such as social media but added new features such as an integration with Sharepoint. However, the integration is not complete as X1 queries the Sharepoint search engine and returns the results into X1 interface.

Is X1 Search 8 moving into the right direction where most enterprise moving into the cloud also? Only time will tell us!

You can give it a try for 14 days.

Let me know what you think